Friday, April 6, 2012

This is embarrassing. My first entry and I’m confessing my addiction – thrift shopping. The search for one-of-a-kind items, that accessory to complete your new look, all while spending just a few dollars.
My weekly thrift store spending was getting out of hand, so I took action. I put myself on a three-week restriction; which became four weeks and a day. This was all while I was unemployed, and could not afford my weekly habit. Since receiving employment things have changed. It feels good to be back!  


  1. Hi Lex - good to see you've started a blog! Now that I'm losing weight, I think I'll be visiting thrift stores a lot to replenish my wardrobe gradually. It's like treasure hunting - never know what you'll find! Kim N.

    1. Kim,
      It always best, in my opinion, to starting at the thrift store for a new wardrobe whatever the case. Through you may not find all you need there before going to the department stores, you can find things to make you department store outfit standout. A belt, a scarf, maybe even a bag; any small item can make your outfit worth taking note.

  2. Alexis!
    It's Julita!!!!!! :) So glad that you've started this!!!!!!!!